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Radio Systems: GEN II MANPACK HUB Maintenance and Replacement
By | May 2, 2023
It’s important to know the correct steps for R/T HUB replacement. Mistakes can mean elevation to higher maintenance levels. To learn more, keep reading…...

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By | March 9, 2023
If you’re thinking of putting a SINCGARS radio mount kit in your HMEE, installing it isn’t approved. Read on to learn more…...

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Communications: JBC-P Fuse Proves Elusive
By | Feb. 23, 2023
A reader is looking for the NSN for the 8-amp, 250V glass fuse for the Joint Battle Command-Platform. Half-Mast helps them out. Read on for that NSN…...

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PS Magazine Year-In-Review: Top 10 Website Downloads
By | Jan. 13, 2023
The PS Magazine website features helpful documents, posters and charts that were downloaded over 80,000 times. You might be interested to learn what the most downloaded items were. Read on to find out...

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Commo/Electronics & Soldier Support Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022
By | Jan. 13, 2023
Updated or new NSNs are a challenge to keep up with. Here’s a list that PS captured in 2022 for commo/electronics and Soldier support. Get them here...

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KG-175D: Battle Blackout! Mind TACLANE Checks
By | Jan. 5, 2023
This article initially appeared in PS 800, p.45 (Jul 19). It's important to know about the KG-175D inline encryptor's clock drift and battery life. Find out why...

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Publications: Tracking Down the STT Trailer TM
By | Nov. 15, 2022
A reader is hunting for a TM for the STT trailer parts. Half-Mast has the answer…...

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SATCOM: Updated SMART-T TM Now Available
By | July 20, 2022
CECOM has published an updated TM for the SMART-T satellite communications system. Read on to learn more...

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Be Prepared for Hot Weather: A List of Must-Read PS Articles
By | June 21, 2022
Soldiers, even though it happens every year, it somehow seems to sneak up on us. It’s summer and the heat is on! Read on to see how to keep you and your equipment cool...

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Publications: ACES TM Updated
By | June 3, 2022
A newly updated TM covers the general Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES) computer set. Learn more...

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Communications: M20 Antenna Info
By | March 7, 2022
In support of maintenance information message (MIM) CECOM-MI-22-01003, CECOM is reaching out to units regarding M20 antennas. Read more to discover what additional information is available...

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Set Up a Virtual TDY with PS Magazine
By | March 3, 2022
PS Magazine was created in 1951 to help Soldiers with maintenance and logistics issues. We’re still here to help after 70 years and we’d like to invite combat, combat support and combat service support units across the Army...

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Communications: How to Get CCEv2 and MCN-AE Spares, Repair Parts
By | Feb. 16, 2022
Commo maintainers, when requesting Army-managed spares and repair parts for the communications systems AN/TYQ-167 (V)2, Commercial Coalition Equipment (CCEv2), and AN/TYQ-167(V)3, Modular Communications Node-Advanced Enclave...

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Commo/Electronics and Soldier Support: 2021 Year-in-Review
By | Jan. 20, 2022
If there’s one thing 2021 taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. Some things stay the same, the need for preventive maintenance, and solving perplexing problems, especially when it comes to commo and...

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JCR/JBC-P: Might Not Be NMC
By | Sept. 14, 2021
Dark screens don’t always mean your Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) and Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) tactical analog systems display unit or tablet is NMC. Read on to find out why...

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Training: LandWarNet Offers Many Options
By | Aug. 10, 2021
Have you heard of LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity? It’s the Army’s one-stop training resource for all things cyber, signal, mission command and information technology...

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DCGS-A: Two New Pubs Launched
By | Aug. 3, 2021
There are two (2) new TMs that cover operator and field maintenance, including RSPTL, for the DCGS-A portable, multi-function workstation (P-MFWS). Click MORE>> to learn what they are...

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Aviation: Replace Rather than Repair CSEL Radios
By | July 8, 2021
Would you like to get your unit’s CSEL radios repaired? Here’s the scoop on that. The Army CSEL program doesn’t have a radio repair contract or program anymore. Instead, units must now turn in and exchange their CSEL...

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Communications: Get CAISI 2.0 Parts, Support
By | July 1, 2021
The Combat Service Support (CSS) Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) 2.0, LINs A40443 and P99881, has transitioned from Product Director, Defense-Wide Transmission Systems (PD DWTS) to the...

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Safety: Stay Alert On and Off Duty
By | June 23, 2021
Safety is an important consideration whether you’re on or off duty...

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Communications: Equipment Codes Decoded
By | June 2, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 775 (Jun 17), pp. 49-53. DOD communications nomenclature is a special kind of language. It identifies equipment at the system, subsystem, set, group or unit level. It tells you what kind...

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CECOM: Where to Send Equipment Returns
By | Feb. 11, 2021
This article originally appeared in PS 788 (Jul 18), pp. 60-61. Most CECOM-managed items can be returned to either of the Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) warehouses in Tobyhanna, PA, or New Cumberland, PA. Get the addresses...

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Communications: No Cables, No Go! Protect Them!
By | Dec. 10, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 779, pp. 46-47 (Oct 17). Dear Editor, When units set up in the field, there are cables everywhere: power cables, antenna cables, commo cables--the list goes on. Cables are critical. Just...

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Communications: GB-GRAM Software Update Available
By | Dec. 3, 2020
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update is available for the Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) Type I and Type II. The update is found on the new Project Manager (PM)...

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Communications: Submitting PQDRs to CECOM
By | Oct. 2, 2020
Dear Editor, it happens sometimes. We work hard at CECOM to make sure it doesn’t but sometimes, we send out equipment that just doesn’t work as it should. If your readers have ever received such equipment, they may already be...

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Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P): Equipment Transfer Guidance
By | Sept. 24, 2020
When changing from the M997A2 to the new M997A3 armored HMMWV ambulance, unit maintainers need to take specific steps to maintain a fully-functional Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P) digital computer set. Instructions are...

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PDISE: M46 Electrical Utility Assembly Changes
By | July 28, 2020
Hardware changes have taken place with the Power Distribution Illumination Systems Electrical (PDISE) M46 Electrical Utility Assembly, LIN: U89185. These changes apply to the info in TM 9-6150-226-13 (Sep 17)...

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AN/TIC-43: Training Now Online
By | June 5, 2020
PM Close Combat Systems is currently fielding the AN/TIC-43 Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD) to military police and transportation units across the Army...

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DAGR: RSAM Software on Horizon
By | May 26, 2020
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update will be available for the Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) in September 2020. Learn more here...

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SATCOM: Go Green with Guidance
By | May 18, 2020
This article originally appeared in PS 789 (Aug 18), Page 47. Dear Half-Mast, Our unit’s equipment is supposed to be painted green here in Europe. Do we need special paint for the satellite terminal reflectors?...

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SINCGARS RT-1523G: How to Fix HUB Expiration Date
By | March 30, 2020
This article originally appeared in PS 774, P. 47. The RT-1523G has a hold up battery (HUB) circuit card assembly (CCA) that needs to be replaced, unlike an E or F model SINCGARS that has a built-in HUB. One issue is that the...

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AN/AVS-7(V) 10 Heads Up Display: Turn In Unserviceable Stock and Excess
By | Feb. 26, 2020
CECOM is asking the field to turn in all unserviceable stock and all available excess of the following Class 9 items because there’s currently a shortage. This list includes items that support the AN/AVS-7(V)10 Heads Up...

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NVG: Cheap Pouch Prevents Expensive Damage!
By | Feb. 6, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 772, p.49. Your night vision goggles (NVG) weren’t meant to be stuck in a pocket or backpack when you’re not wearing them. One misstep could send you tumbling against something like a...

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eMCSUs: I’ll Take Hardware for 20,000
By | Jan. 24, 2020
Enhanced Micro Central Switching Units (eMCSUs) are found in both the Command Post Platform (CPP) and Command Post Communication System (CPCS).  Both 8-channel and 16-channel versions convert radio signals to digital signals,...

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Nett Warrior: Phaseout of C8 Cable
By | Dec. 9, 2019
Here’s notice to users of Nett Warrior (NW) System A3/S3, NSNs 5895-01-654-8576 and 5895-01-654-8585. The NW C8 direct interface cable, NSN 5995-01-652-5151, is no longer available. The NW C7 direct interface cable, NSN...