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NEWS | March 7, 2022

Communications: M20 Antenna Info

A Soldier network extension
Photo courtesy PEO C3T

Dear Editor,

In support of maintenance information message (MIM) CECOM-MI-22-01003, CECOM is reaching out to units regarding M20 antennas.

To reduce costs and the ordering footprint, we recently completed the provisioning of the Gen III and Gen IV versions. Below are the new assembly breakouts that allow units to order individual components of the M20, as opposed to having to order the entire assembly as in the past.

Breakout Listing - GEN III
M20 Gen III Listing
Click on the image above to open a PDF version

Breakout Listing - GEN IV
M20 Gen IV Listing
Click on the image above to open a PDF version
The new GEN IV variant is now fielded with the Next Generation (NG) point of presence (PoP) B kit, Tactical Communications Node-Lite (TCN-L), and Tactical Communications Node (TCN) during technical insertion events.

The GEN IV assemblies are interchangeable with the GEN III variant. Soldiers can identify which antennas they currently have by comparing the part number, NSN or both on the data plates to the tables shown above.

The payloads of both payload generations are procurable. However, the GEN IV and GEN III payloads are not interchangeable between generations. That means if Soldiers need a replacement payload for the GEN IV M20 antenna, they must order GEN IV payloads, and likewise for the GEN III.

Please pass this information along to your readers. The official CECOM-MI-22-01003 message also contains more information and can be found HERE.

For answers to questions, units can contact the following:

The M20 item manager, James Bryant:
The NG PoP ILS manager, Jeremy Rood:
or the INC 2 branch chief, Nicholas Basirico:
James Bryant
Jeremy Rood
Nicholas Basirico
CECOM C3T Directorate

 Editor’s note: Consider the word passed on, gentlemen.
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