NEWS | July 28, 2020

PDISE: M46 Electrical Utility Assembly Changes

Hardware changes have taken place with the Power Distribution Illumination Systems Electrical (PDISE) M46 Electrical Utility Assembly, LIN: U89185. These changes apply to the info in TM 9-6150-226-13 (Sep 17).

Fig 7
Page 0002-9: M46 Electrical Utility Assembly

The M46 Electrical Utility Assembly, NSN 6150-01-208-9751, comes in two (2) configurations. The original configuration comes with an incandescent light (Item 3 of Fig 7) and light bulbs kit (Item 4 of Fig 7); the current configuration comes with a 36-in, fluorescent light (Item 8 of Fig 7).
Users will get one or the other light set based on the configurations which they received, but not both. The original configuration still exists in the field. To prevent confusion, the incandescent light and light bulbs kit will be removed from the TM.

The table below shows the list of items that have been removed from the M46 Electrical Utility Assembly.  Make a note of the changes.
Table 1: Removed M46 Electrical Utility Assembly Items
TM Reference NSN Description, CAGE and PN U/M QTY
Page 0002-9,
Item 3 of Fig 7
6230-01-247-4784 Light, utility dual socket, incandescent 120V
(97403) 13226E7043
EA 2
Page  0002-9,
Item 4 of Fig 7
6150-01-264-2068 Canister, light bulb
EA 2
N/A 6240-00-617-1744 40W blue
(81348) W-L-I 018
EA 2
N/A 6240-00-689-8504 75W white
(06172) 40A18-120V
EA 2

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