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NEWS | June 9, 2021

Be Prepared for Hot Weather: A List of Must-Read PS Articles

Soldiers, even though it happens every year, it somehow seems to sneak up on us. It’s summer and the heat is on!

Summer can be cool when you’re talking swimming pools, ice cream and cook-outs in the shade. It’s not so cool when you’re out in the blistering sun, turning a wrench with sweat dripping from your brow.
Working in the summer sun and stifling heat can make routine tasks brutal. You’ll get thirsty faster and need to drink more. The sun will zap your energy, so you’ll need more rest. There’s going to be times when you’ll have to cool off in the shade. There will even be times your leadership will pause outdoor activities or training to prevent heat-related injuries.
The heat of summer is just as brutal for your vehicles and equipment. Make sure you follow the TM guidelines for operating your vehicle in hot weather.
Be Cool This Summer
  • Stay hydrated and follow procedures for working in hot temperatures. Keep a pair of gloves handy too because vehicles can become extremely hot to the touch in summer months.
  • Follow the TM guidelines to keep your vehicle mission ready this summer. Good PMCS will go a long way toward keeping your vehicle good to go, no matter how high the temps get.

Check out these PS Magazine articles for more good info and revisit this article periodically because we’re adding more links to hot weather topics as they become available:


For more hot weather and safety information, visit the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center: 
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