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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 2, 2023

Radio Systems: GEN II MANPACK HUB Maintenance and Replacement

BLUF: Replace AN/PRC-158 and AN/PRC-162 hold up batteries properly or you’ll have to turn R/Ts in for higher maintenance.

Soldiers doing radio maintenance
Photo by Jose Rodriguez
Units should immediately replace the hold up battery (HUB) when the Days Remaining message displays on the receiver/transmitter (R/T).
As a reminder, the HUB is essentially a backup battery designed to retain Type 1 initialization and mission plan information when the main battery has been depleted or detached. The AN/PRC-158 R/T has a HUB life of 365 days. The AN/PRC-162 R/T has a HUB life of 180 days.
R/T 2034, associated with AN/PRC-158
R/T 2034, associated with AN/PRC-158

R/T 2048, associated with AN-PRC-162
R/T 2048, associated with AN-PRC-162
Both R/Ts will provide a warning of diminishing HUB capacity in the form of a Days Remaining message. HUB warnings will display if the battery life is within 15 days of expiration for the AN/PRC-158, and 30 days for the AN/PRC-162.
Don’t remove the main battery while the HUB is depleted or it will result in a loss of Type 1 initialization. In this case, turn in the R/T so higher-level maintenance can restore the R/T to fully mission capable.
Replace HUB when Days Remaining warning appears
The HUB comes with NSN 6135-01-669-4691, PN LS14250 and CAGE code 7X634.  

Use the HUB replacement procedures and performance steps below when replacing the HUB on AN/PRC-158 and AN/PRC-162 R/Ts.
HUB Replacement

WARNING: Attach a fully charged main battery to the R/T when removing and replacing the HUB. Otherwise, the HUB’s removal and installation will require Type 1 initialization.

NOTE: The following procedures can be used on both R/Ts:
  1. Connect a fully charged battery to the J10 connector on the back of the R/T. Don’t install the main battery cover; this will allow access to the HUB compartment.
  2. Power on the R/T.
  3. Remove the HUB cover and O-ring from the R/T by turning the HUB cover counterclockwise. Retain the O-ring.
  4. Insert the new HUB into the R/T.
  5. Apply silicone grease to the O-ring.
  6. Install the O-ring and then the HUB cover and turn the HUB cover clockwise.
  7. Finally, reset the HUB capacity.
Reset HUB Capacity Performance Steps for AN/PRC-158
  1. Power on the R/T.
  3. Enter the maintenance password and press [ENT].
  4. Press [ENT] when you see HUB CAPACITY WILL BE RESET.
    NOTE: You’ll then see RESET HUB CAPACITY.
  5. Select YES, and press [ENT].
  6. Press [ENT] when HUB CAPACITY HAS BEEN RESET displays.
  7. Select [PGM] to exit to the main screen.
Reset HUB Day Counter Performance Steps for AN/PRC-162
  1. Power on the R/T.
  2. Select MENU>MORE>MAINT.
  3. Press the [ENT] key and then select the HUB soft key.
  4. Reset the HUB day counter.
  5. Select MENU>MORE>MAINT, press the [ENT] key and then select HUB>RESET.
  6. Press [ENT] to confirm reset.
  7. Press [CLR] until the LAUNCH PRESET screen is displayed.
For further support, reach out to PM Tactical Radios at the PM Tactical Radios NEXUS website HERE. You'll need your CAC to access.
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