NEWS | Jan. 24, 2020

eMCSUs: I’ll Take Hardware for 20,000

Enhanced Micro Central Switching Units (eMCSUs) are found in both the Command Post Platform (CPP) and Command Post Communication System (CPCS).  Both 8-channel and 16-channel versions convert radio signals to digital signals, and vice versa. 

However, eMCSUs with serial numbers less than 20,000 are not compatible with the latest software patches. The only known solution is to load older software, such as the 14 series.

Functioning eMCSUs with serial numbers 20,000 or greater can run the latest software (15 series).

Replace CPP eMCSU, NSN 5895-01-564-2451, with the newest 8-channel eMCSU, NSN 5895-01-544-0671. Replace CPCS eMCSU, NSN 5895-01-544-8296, with the newest 16-channel eMCSU, NSN 5895-01-544-8296.
For more information, contact Ivy Scott at (443) 395-6425.    

Connecting an armored truck containing the Command Post Platform