NEWS | Dec. 9, 2019

Nett Warrior: Phaseout of C8 Cable

Here’s notice to users of Nett Warrior (NW) System A3/S3, NSNs 5895-01-654-8576 and 5895-01-654-8585. The NW C8 direct interface cable, NSN 5995-01-652-5151, is no longer available. The NW C7 direct interface cable, NSN 5995-01-647-6500, replaces it.

NW system users with the C8 cable can continue using it until it becomes unserviceable. The required cable matrix used for the NW System A3/S3 is the C1A Nett Warrior extension cable without ferrite, NSN 5995-01-647-6508, Nett Warrior C6 reset cable, NSN 5995-01-647-6513, and Nett Warrior C7 direct interface cable, NSN 5995-01-647-6500.

For more information, contact Danielle Kirzow at DSN (312) 206-2590 or (508) 206-2590. Or call Miguel Perez at DSN (312) 206-2583 or (508) 206-2583.