NEWS | May 18, 2020

SATCOM: Go Green with Guidance

SATCOM training
Photo by Anthony Ricchiazzi

Dear Half-Mast,

Our unit’s equipment is supposed to be painted green here in Europe. Do we need special paint for the satellite terminal reflectors?

Dear Sergeant,


Satellite communications equipment is highly sensitive and mighty expensive, so before you slap on any ol’ paint, check out TB 43-0118, Field Instructions for Painting and Preserving Communications-Electronics Equipment (Jun 86).   
Also review TM 11-5985-431-13&P, Operator’s Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List) Antenna Communications, Trailer Mounted AS-4429/TSC (NSN 5985-01-422-4682) (Mar 99). Section 3-68 covers painting and surface prep instructions. Table 3-2 lists primers and top coat paints, and gives the NSNs for them.

Note: Both pubs are restricted. To view them, log in with your CAC at:
Then choose the “ETM/IETM” icon and search for the TMs.
Finally, before picking or applying any paint, check with the manufacturer of your specific satellite dish and a government engineer to confirm that you’re using the right product on your equipment.