NEWS | March 30, 2020

SINCGARS RT-1523G: How to Fix HUB Expiration Date

Dear Editor,

The RT-1523G has a hold up battery (HUB) circuit card assembly (CCA) that needs to be replaced, unlike an E or F model SINCGARS that has a built-in HUB.

One issue is that the RT-1523G’s HUB CCA is only rated to last 5-10 years, depending on the use of the RT. But once it expires and is replaced, the HUB installation and expiration date stay the same on the radio display.

There’s a way to change the HUB installation date so the next field maintenance person doesn’t mistakenly think that they have to replace the HUB again. It was quite a hunt for me to find out how, so I wanted to share what I found.

WP 0848 in TM 11-5820-890-13&P-5 (Aug 14) tells how to change the HUB installation date, which automatically changes the expiration date. But this info is buried in the TM on a troubleshooting flow chart. There’s no other reference that I could find. It’s not in the WP that tells how to replace the HUB CCA, where it should logically be included.    
 Also, your readers should know that the RT-1523G uses a different CCA extender card for testing. The NSN is 5998-01-594-2230, but it’s not included in the newest series of TMs dated August 2014.

SFC James Rowe
Editor’s note: Roger that, Sergeant! A great example of why input from Soldiers like you keeps PS invaluable. Also, it’s a good reminder to everyone to submit a DA Form 2028 when you find critical info missing from or buried in a TM or you have suggestions for improvement!

Photo by Jason Edwards