PS Posters
Click HERE to view a set of retro posters on preventive maintenance and safety. Download them, print them out and display them in motor pool bays, day rooms and other common areas. More posters are being developed, so check back periodically to see if new ones have been added 
Classic Cartoons
For most of its life, PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly was a cartoon-illustrated, monthly magazine. While most of its 64-pages were shades of a single color, the center section -- or continuity -- was always full-color. The continuities often parodied TV shows, movies, books or other comics or current events. Click HERE to view some of our staff favorites.
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             Book: "Will Eisner and PS Magazine"  
  An Illustrated History and Commentary  

             Virginia Commonwealth University
                     Complete set of PS issues
                   (from #1 - #229, 1951-1971)

      Complete digital set of PS issues (1951-2019)  

Click the links to download the ground guides. They'll open up in a new window. In the new window you can save the guide as a PDF

Helicopter Ground Guide

Crane Ground Guide Poster

Forklift Ground Guide Poster

Combat and Tactical Vehicle GG Poster (Left)

Combat and Tactical Vehicle GG Poster (Right)

Download a Sergeant's Time Training plan to make your next training session a snap. Click on each category to open new page with STT modules.

Combat Vehicles

Tactical Vehicles


Small Arms    

Soldier's Support




CASCOM Supply Support Activity (SSA) Videos
Click HERE to view a series of CASCOM-produced videos on the topic of SSA
LCMC Safety Messages
Want quick access to TACOM Safety and Maintenance Messages, as well as links to similar messages for AMCOM, CECOM and JMC?

With your CAC, click HERE to visit the TULSA webpage devoted to this information.
Partner Websites
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For additional readiness and sustainment resources (videos, posters, and printed materials), check out the TACOM, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center, Army Public Heath Center, Army Sustainment Resource Portal and Army Sustainment Magazine websites.

TACOM Family of Websites
TACOM Family of Websites: TULSA, UTAP and more...
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U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center

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Army Public Heath Center

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Army Sustainment Resource Portal
Army Sustainment website
Army Sustainment Magazine