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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 8, 2021

Aviation: Replace Rather than Repair CSEL Radios

BLUF:  Turn in or exchange CSEL radios for repair.

Would you like to get your unit’s CSEL radios repaired?  Here’s the scoop on that.

The Army CSEL program doesn’t have a radio repair contract or program anymore. Instead, units must now turn in and exchange their CSEL radios.  

The attached PowerPoint presentation has the full instructions and examples of the required forms you’ll need:
CESL Exchange Procedures PPT
Click on image above to access complete PPT briefing
Highlights from the PPT Slides
*These highlights are not meant as a substitute for the instructions in the attached PowerPoint; they only spotlight key points in it. Make sure you read the entire PowerPoint and follow the instructions carefully.
  • First, the National Guard does not have a CSEL radio exchange program. If you’re an ARNG unit with inoperative radios, see Slide 8 for instructions and a point of contact.
  • For active and reserve units, all radios are going to be "F" coded unless they’re involved in an event that destroys the radio. For example, a radio that gets run over by a Bradley, or is in an aircraft mishap, would have a red tag failure reporting form.
  • Every radio must have a Failure Reporting Form (see Slide 11 for an example). If the deficiency is not related to a particular built in test (BIT) failure, then simply enter the noted deficiency in the: "Remarks" column at the bottom of the form, which should match what's entered on the Green tag (DD Form 1577-1), "Reason for Repairable Condition" section, as shown on slide 12. A possible example might be: "SASM/GPS Module Hard Failure."
  • Do not attempt to coordinate directly with Red River Army depot on the CSEL radios, since there's a possibility that radios will get lost in the warehouse. If that happens, you may never get your radios replaced! Instead, only ship radios to Red River Army Depot (RRAD) after first coordinating directly with Shealynn Akuffo at CECOM ILSC (her contact info is on Slide 7).                             
  • Make a note that units are required to fund the shipping of the radios to and from RRAD and the replacement radios will require software upgrades of the Control (CM), SASM/GPS (SASM), and VHF/UHF (VUM) modules before being placed into service and being issued to pilots. 
If you want to gain access to all things CSEL, go to the SharePoint site to stay updated on a regular basis. You’ll have to request permission for access to the CSEL SharePoint portal:
All required software and coordinating CECOM maintenance action messages (MAMs) and time compliance technical orders (TCTO) instructions are available for download directly from the CSEL SharePoint portal once access is granted.

If you have questions about the CSEL radio return process, email: 
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