Classic Continuities
For most of its life, PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly was a cartoon-illustrated, monthly magazine. While most of its 64-pages were shades of a single color, the center section -- or continuity -- was always full-color. The continuities often parodied TV shows, movies, books or other comics or current events. Here's some staff favorites for your viewing and reading pleasure.
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PS 593 Continuity Image PS 625 Continuity Image
PS 593: The Lost Mission of Zolon
PS 625: PM Family Feud
PS 692 Continuity Image PS 727 Continuity Image
PS 692: Bravemast
PS 727: The Taming of the Flue
PS 750 Continuity Image PS 751 Continuity Image
PS 750: Attack of the Corrosion Zombies, Part 1 PS 751: Attack of the Corrosion Zombies, Part 2
PS 728 Continuity Cover Image PS 778 Continuity Image
PS 728: The Fobbit
PS 778: Dungeons & Dragoons
PS 761 Continuity Image PS 790 Continuity Image
PS 761: PM Royale
PS 790: Dax Torthon in the 26th Century
PS 656 Continuity image PS 700 Continuity image
PS 656: The Evolution of Weaponry PS 700: PM for Easy Company
PS 764 continuity image PS 799 continuity image
PS 764: The Accidental Martian PS 799: New Beach City Vice