NEWS | Feb. 6, 2020

NVG: Cheap Pouch Prevents Expensive Damage!

Soldier falling and damaging ENVG
Avoid potential damage of $18,000 by purchasing a protective pouch

Your night vision goggles (NVG) weren’t meant to be stuck in a pocket or backpack when you’re not wearing them. One misstep could send you tumbling against something like a rock and—CRACK—your NVG could suddenly go dark.

Avoid damage to your expensive AN/PVS-14 or enhanced night vision goggles (ENVG) with the AN/PVS-14 protective pouch, NSN 8465-01-538-1514, which costs less than $9. The pouch isn’t much larger than an ammo pouch and folds flat when not in use. 

The ENVG comes with its own padded carrying case, but it may be too bulky to take to the field.  

Store your goggles in the NVG pouch, then insert it in a canteen/general purpose pouch, NSN 8465-01-525-0585. Attach the general purpose pouch to your MOLLE system. You’re ready to go and your NVG are protected but readily available when needed.