NEWS | May 26, 2020

DAGR: RSAM Software on Horizon

DAGR training
Photo by Sgt. Shawn Keeton
A Resiliency and Software Assurance Measures (RSAM) software update will be available for the Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) in September 2020, via Modification Work Order (MWO) 11-5820-1172-23-2.

This software change provides Resiliency and Software Assurance (RSA) improvements to increase DAGR resiliency. The improvements allow the DAGR to recognize, reject, report and recover from bad navigation data in a GPS-challenged environment.

The RSAM software and other DAGR training aids are available on the new PM Positioning, Navigation, Timing (PNT) website:
For RSAM software installation issues or for technical assistance, you can contact the PM PNT help desk on the same website. 
For answers to your Army RSAM software release questions, contact Lauren Scicchitano at: