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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 14, 2021

JCR/JBC-P: Might Not Be NMC

Using JBC-P
Photo courtesy of PEO C3T
Dark screens don’t always mean your Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) and Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) tactical analog systems display unit or tablet is NMC. But units are mistakenly declaring an NMC status because their respective system’s blackout (BLKOUT)/ night vision imaging system (NVIS) features are being accidentally activated.

The BLKOUT/NVIS features are used when absolute darkness is needed for safety or covert operations. The features can be turned on or off. That’s why users should first try to rule out the BLKOUT/NVIS features as the reason for the dark screens before declaring their equipment NMC.

If you see dark or dim screens, check the following flow charts to ensure the issue isn’t the result of BLKOUT/NVIS features.
Use the troubleshooting guide below for the following Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) tablets:
  •  JBC-P: AN/UYK-128C(V)3, AN/GYK-62H(V)1/2, AN/UYQ-90B(V)6/7
  •  JCR: AN/UYK-128E(V)3, AN/GYK-62J
  •  JCR-LOG: AN/UYQ-90B(V)8/9)
MFoCS tablet troubleshooting guide
MFoCS tablet troubleshooting guide
(Click on image to view PDF version)

On the MFoCS tablet, the BLKOUT/NVIS button is located as shown below:
BLKOUT/NVIS control location
BLKOUT/NVIS control location for MFoCS tablet
Use the troubleshooting guide below for the MFoCS display units:
  • JBC-P: AN/UYK-128D(V)3
  • JCR: AN/UYK-128F(V)3
MFoCS display unit troubleshooting guide
MFoCS display unit troubleshooting guide
(Click on image to view PDF version)

Check brightness mode control
Check brightness mode control
If you have questions, contact:

John C. White, Technical Publications Manager, PM Mission Command
Thomas Carpentier, Mechanical Engineer, JBC-P Product Support, PM Mission Command
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