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CBRN: Making Sure JSGPM Masks Fit
By | Oct. 26, 2022
Fitting the JSGPM is important to ensure it works when needed. For those Soldiers who are hard to fit, there's a special variant. And there are tools to help all masks fit properly. Keep reading to learn more...

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AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set: Turn-in and Computer Indicator Updates
By | Aug. 2, 2022
Supply clerks and property book officers (PBO), here's some timely guidance about the radiac set's computer indicator and turn in of excess AN/PDR-75s. Keep reading for the whole story...

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M4A1 JCAD: Internal Clock Battery Fault? No Need for Alarm
By | July 14, 2022
An internal clock battery in the joint chemical agent detector (JCAD) is used for logging accurate date and time data. When the clock battery expires, a fault occurs on the detector’s message line that flashes the words...

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M8E1 CBPS: Control Panel Damage
By | May 26, 2022
While troubleshooting electrical faults on an M8E1 chemical biological protective shelter (CBPS), we found corrosion and standing water inside the external control panel (ECP). Here's what you need to know to keep the system...

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M26 Decon: New M333 Decontaminant Mixing Instructions
By | March 23, 2022
New mixing instructions for M333 Joint General Purpose Decontaminant for Hardened Military Equipment (JGPD-HME) are available online at JACKS for the M26 decontamination system...

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I Sustain This Recognition Program: Nominate a Deserving Civilian Sustainer
By | March 2, 2022
Maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances, often relies on the support of civilian sustainers and maintainers. Here's how you can recognize...

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M26 Decon: Train and License Operators
By | Oct. 25, 2021
Dear Editor, units should know that M26 decon operators must be trained and licensed to operate and maintain the equipment to prevent injury and/or damage, according to TM 3-4230-238-10 (Jul 09). And after they are licensed,...

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M26 Decon: Make Mock Drills a Regular Part of Training
By | Oct. 20, 2021
Training and operating the M26 decon system isn’t always a top priority for many units. But troops need to be properly trained to operate it...

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I Own This Campaign: Nominate a Deserving Warfighter
By | Aug. 16, 2021
Taking ownership and pride in assigned vehicles and equipment is vital to ensuring personal, unit and fleet readiness. Without this personal investment and active involvement, Warfighters fail to ensure preventive and...

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M12A1 Decon: Wet and Dry Batteries
By | June 21, 2021
Soldiers, if your unit has the M12A1 decontamination apparatus, be aware that the dry battery, NSN 6140-00-059-3528, is listed in FED LOG as a terminal item with no replacement. But there’s a suitable replacement, although it...

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CBPS: Use the TMs
By | June 3, 2021
Soldiers, need help with the Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV) Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS) M8E1, NSN 5410-01-592-9464? The TMs include information on everything mounted to the truck, including the CBPS 25kW...

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M12A1 Decon: Apparatus Stiffener Mounting NSN
By | March 15, 2021
Does your unit have an M12A1 decontamination apparatus on its property book? If so, and you need the stiffener mounting, PN 5045-2993-02, then order it with this newly assigned NSN...

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Don’t Spin Our Wheels!
By | Feb. 23, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 759 (May 16), p. 1. PS Magazine gets lots of maintenance and supply questions each month. Sometimes we can send out an immediate answer. Other times, those answers take a couple days to a...

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M26 Decon: PMCS Pointers
By | Feb. 18, 2021
Soldiers, if you don’t perform regular PMCS on your M26 decon apparatus, it may become non-mission capable (NMC). That’s not what you want because the M26 decon is a portable, enhanced operational capability that supports...

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Tactical Water Purification System: New Chemical Feed Pump
By | Dec. 16, 2020
Soldiers, the chemical feed pumps for the 1500-GPH Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS) are obsolete. The replacement is a newer LMI pump that comes with NSN 4320-01-526-9652...

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UTAP: You’re Just a Click Away!
By | Nov. 17, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 798 (May 19), p. 20-21. TACOM’s Unit Training Assistance Program, UTAP, provides approved training materials for a variety of TACOM-managed equipment...

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M93 Fox: Centrifugal Fan - Updated Configuration
By | Oct. 28, 2020
The M93 Fox's centrifugal fan, NSN 4140-01-234-8170 (Green) and NSN 4140-01-646-3016 (Tan), is a major component of the gas particulate filter unit, NSN 4240-01-621-5143 (Green) and NSN 4240-01-615-1867 (Tan), that supports...

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Decon: M100 Sorbent Decontamination System
By | Oct. 27, 2020
Soldiers, inspect your equipment before each mission to ensure your unit has enough unexpired M100 Sorbent Decontamination Systems (SDS), NSN 4230-01-466-9095...

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CBRN: M8E1 Chemical Biological Protective Shelter Air Beam Caution
By | Oct. 26, 2020
Operators and maintainers, pay attention when inflating the Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS) M8E1 protective fabric shelter (PFS). That’s because the two (2) center air beams can get entangled, preventing the PFS...

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M1135 NBCRV Stryker: BAWS PMCS Change
By | Oct. 14, 2020
Does your unit have M1135 NBCRV Strykers? If so, be aware that there’s a change to Item 19 in WP 0103-17 in the quarterly PMCS tables in TM 3-6665-397-13&P (Sep 15). It relates to servicing the biological agent warfare system...

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M26 Decon: Recommended Pump Oil
By | Aug. 26, 2020
The M26 Decon needs an oil designed for continuous use at high loads and temperatures. Make sure you use the recommended pump oil, Hydra-Oil 40W...

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CRESS: Detecting Precursors of Homemade Explosives
By | July 15, 2020
Did you know the Army is now fielding the Chemical Reconnaissance and Explosive Screening Sets (CRESS) to infantry brigade combat teams (IBCTs)? Units that don’t have CRESS yet need to buy them based on mission requirements...

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CBRN: M61 Canister Packaging Inspection Criteria
By | July 15, 2020
Are there any opened M61 canisters, NSN 4240-01-529-2289, lying around in your unit’s work area? If so, uh oh! Those canisters need to remain sealed in their original packaging to maintain shelf life...

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M50/M51 Mask: Remove Filter Patches Turning Blue
By | April 13, 2020
Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Shaw You might notice the M61 filter’s time patches turning light blue on your unit’s M50/M51 protective masks. WP 0004-00 in TM 3-4240-542-13&P (May 08) tells you that if the center of the...

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M12A1 Decon: It Does More than Just Decon
By | Feb. 20, 2020
The M12A1 diesel engine driven (DED) decon, NSN 4230-01-502-7224, is the workhorse in the CBRN arsenal. It’s been doing decon work for decades while other decon equipment came and went...

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M26 Decon: Pump Oil Pointer
By | Jan. 30, 2020
The M26 Decon needs an oil designed for continuous use at high loads and temperatures. Use the recommended pump oil, Hydra-Oil 40W, NSN 1040-01-612-3498, PN A01-114-3441, CAGE 59776.  It has what it takes to stand up to harsh...

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NBC Bags: No Longer Free Issue
By | Dec. 12, 2019
Following deployment, very few of the free-issue NBC bags given to Soldiers through the Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program (ICEMP) are returned. Of the ones turned in, most are so beat up they can’t be...

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M26 Decon: Rinsing Soap Away Prevents Excessive Soap Buildup
By | Dec. 9, 2019
Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Joel QuebecDear Editor,        We’ve noticed that some of the M26 decontamination apparatus’s water pump valves and pressure switch line filters have an excessive amount of soap build-up. When that...

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CBRN: Out with Old and in with the New Overboot
By | Dec. 5, 2019
Soldiers,Take a look at the new CBRN molded AirBoss® lightweight overboots (MALO). The official name in FED LOG is overshoes, nuclear, biological and chemical contaminates protective.           The new MALO is made of...

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By | Nov. 26, 2019
Dear Editor, while helping CBRN units, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to make CBRN rooms run more efficiently. Click MORE>> to learn what these tips are...

Soldiers of the 318th Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Company (Area Support) from Birmingham, Ala., conduct decontamination exercises at Fort McClellan, Ala., during their Extended Combat (annual) Training July 24. Here, an M-12 decon truck is used to decontaminate an affected building and its surroundings. The ability to counteract the effects of such WMD events on equipment, personnel and the environment contribute to the survivability of U.S. forces and, should the unit deploy, foreign soldiers and citizens.
M26 and M12A1 Decon: Protection from the Cold
By | Nov. 21, 2019
Cold temperatures are not your friend if your M26 and M12A1 decons sit outside for long periods. In freezing weather, you should protect them.It’s almost impossible to drain out all water from the M26 and M12A1s. That water...

JSGPM: Nosecup News
By | Nov. 4, 2019
Dear Editor,As members of the Command Maintenance Evaluation and Training Team (COMET), we’ve come across a couple of nosecup issues on the Joint Services General Purpose Mask (JSGPM):  There is in an arrow on the nosecup to...

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JSGP Masks: Keep Those Faceforms & Outsert Pouches!
By | Sept. 30, 2019
Dear Editor, as a member of the Command Maintenance Training Team (COMET), I’ve noticed CBRN specialists and operators throwing away the faceforms and outsert pouches for the Joint Service General Purpose (JSGP) masks. Keep...

This article provides some handy tips for keeping your M1135 NBCRV Stryker mission ready and capable of detecting CBRN threats.
M1135 NBCRV Stryker: Ways to Keep it Detecting
By | Sept. 5, 2019
The M1135 NBCRV Stryker is critical in an environment with CBRN threats.  If it doesn’t do its detecting job, the results could be fatal.  Here are some ways to keep you and your NBCRV Stryker on the detecting trail: 1. Run...