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NEWS | Sept. 30, 2019

JSGP Masks: Keep Those Faceforms & Outsert Pouches!

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Command Maintenance Training Team (COMET), I’ve noticed CBRN specialists and operators throwing away the faceforms and outsert pouches for the Joint Service General Purpose (JSGP) masks.

They don’t realize both the faceforms and outsert pouches have a purpose and aren’t just packing material.

The faceform is needed if the JSGP masks are going to be stored for more than 30 days or for shipment. Otherwise, the mask can lose its shape and possibly its seal. If the seal goes, the facepiece must be replaced.

The outsert pouch is needed for much of the cleaning procedure detailed in WP 0017 00-2 in TM 3-4240-542-13&P (May 08). The pouch is used for both cleaning and drying.

David Whitmire
Editor’s note: More good advice from you, David.
The faceform should be installed inside the facepiece so the beard on the faceform matches the mask’s beard. Pull all four straps over the faceform to keep it in place.
When faceforms aren’t being used, they need to be stored in the CBRN room so they don’t disappear.

Don’t order new faceforms with the NSN in the TM. It’s wrong. Instead, use NSN 4240-01-617-0948.
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