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NEWS | Aug. 2, 2022

AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set: Turn-in and Computer Indicator Updates

BLUF: The AN/PDR-75 radiac set's computer indicator is now designated a component and should be removed from the property book; also, turn in excess AN/PDR-75s.
Supply clerks and property book officers (PBO), keep this info in mind when it comes to the AN/PDR-75 radiac set, NSN 665-01-211-4217, LIN R30925.
Property Book Instructions for the Computer Indicator
The computer indicator, NSN 6665-01-044-3836, for the AN/PDR-75 radiac set was previously classified as a weapon system; it’s been reclassified as a component and no longer needs to be accounted for on the property book. Any unit with this item must remove it from their property book. 
Excess AN/PDR-75 Turn-In Guidance
The AN/PDR-75A radiac set is currently being fielded to replace the AN/PDR-75. Units with AN/PDR-75 radiac sets above their requirements objective (RO) need to turn in the excess for replacement. The replacement radiac set, AN/PDR-75A, is under the same LIN.

If your unit is above its RO, send the excess AN/PDR-75s to RIC BY6, Tobyhanna, PA.
Units at or below their RO don’t need to turn in their AN/PDR-75s until they are issued the AN/PDR-75A or joint personnel wrist dosimeter, NSN 6665-01-602-9991.      
Questions? Contact TACOM’s radiac set equipment specialist, Dmitriy Shteynvil, at:          
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