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NEWS | Oct. 25, 2021

M26 Decon: Train and License Operators

M26 Decon System
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
Dear Editor,

Units should know that M26 decon operators must be trained and licensed to operate and maintain the equipment to prevent injury and/or damage, according to TM 3-4230-238-10 (Jul 09).

Once operators are trained, units should be sure to annotate the training on DA Form 348 and on DA Form 5984-E. And after they are licensed, it’s a good practice to develop unit training plans to ensure the TM, as well as Chapter 7 of AR 600-55, The Army Driver and Operator (SEP19), are being followed at the operator and organizational levels. These actions will enhance unit CBRN readiness.
SGM Jennifer Langes
David Whitmire
Editor’s note: Great input, SGM Langes and Mr. Whitmire! Thanks.
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