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NEWS | May 2, 2023

CBRN: M8 Paper Improvements

BLUF: The new instructions for M8 paper, NSN 6665-00-050-8529, detail how to detect and classify liquid A-series agents.

Soldier using M8 paper to test for chemical agents
Courtesy photo
The M8 paper, NSN 6665-00-050-8529, is a simple booklet with paper that detects chemical warfare agents with color-changing dyes. Each booklet has a color comparison chart on the inside front cover. M8 paper is used as a standalone item and it’s used with other end items, such as the M256A2 chemical detector kit and various protective masks.   
Every Soldier should be familiar with the use of M8 paper because it’s a common task. Updated instructions tell the user not only how to detect and identify blister and nerve (G and VX) agents, but also how to detect and classify fourth-generation agents (FGA), also known as A-series or Novichok nerve agents.
The M8 paper liquid A-series detection and classification are noted in the instructions on the cover of the booklet and in the M256A2 kit’s TM 3-6665-426-10 (Sep 22). In the presence of A-series agents, the color response is as seen below.
A-series color change from dark green to yellow green
A-series color change from dark green to yellow green
(right click and open in new tab to view larger)
The user is instructed to look for colors that start out dark green and shift to yellow green after 10 or more minutes. This signature color change response indicates that A-series agents are present. See WP 0007 of TM 3-6665-426-10 (Sep 22) for the full instructions to test for and classify liquid agents. This additional agent classification is already possible with current M8 paper.

Units will receive the newly improved M8 paper through attrition of existing stock. Continue to use NSN 6665-00-050-8529 and you will eventually get the new M8 paper.

Grab your CAC to get a copy of the Fourth Generation Agents: Reference Guide HERE.
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