NEWS | July 15, 2020

CBRN: M61 Canister Packaging Inspection Criteria

M61 Canister
M61 Canister (Sealed and Unsealed)
Are there any opened M61 canisters, NSN 4240-01-529-2289, lying around in your unit’s work area?  If so, uh oh! Those canisters need to remain sealed in their original packaging to maintain shelf life.

Keep in mind that when the original packaging is opened, shelf life ends and service life begins, just like it says in Department of Defense Manual 4140.27, Volume 1, DOD Shelf-Life Management Program: Program Administration (Dec 19).

Once the canister packaging is opened or unsealed, the service life of the canister is one (1) year in an uncontaminated environment. And service life may be reduced due to prolonged exposure to humidity. 

You’ll find M61 canister packaging inspection criteria in Table H-1 of SB 740-94-5 (Jun 13). Check out TACOM Maintenance Information Message 20-027 for more info at: