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NEWS | Oct. 27, 2020

Decon: M100 Sorbent Decontamination System

M100 SDS in Use
Photo Courtesy of JPEO-CBRND (USN)
Soldiers, inspect your equipment before each mission to ensure your unit has enough unexpired M100 Sorbent Decontamination Systems (SDSs), NSN 4230-01-466-9095. There have been a number of instances lately where the M100 SDS, part of Basic Issue Items (BII) lists, was either missing from its associated vehicle or was expired. 
M100 Sorbent Decontamination System (SDS)
M100 SDS Decon System
Without the M100 SDS, you can’t conduct immediate or operational decontamination. That can put lives in danger!

The M100 SDS removes and partially neutralizes chemical agents from surfaces. Note that:
  • Warfighters can decontaminate up to 10 square meters at temperatures up to 120oF without using water.
  • An optional mounting bracket, NSN 5340-01-466-5928, is available. 
  • You can obtain TM 3-4230-236-10 (Sep 02) by contacting the Joint Acquisition Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Knowledge System (JACKS) Information Resource Center (IRC) at:

You can also find the -10 TM by using the ETM app on the Army Enterprise Portal:

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