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NEWS | March 23, 2022

M26 Decon: New M333 Decontaminant Mixing Instructions

New mixing instructions for M333 Joint General Purpose Decontaminant for Hardened Military Equipment (JGPD-HME) are available online at JACKS for the M26 decontamination system. The M333’s decontaminate material, NSN 6850-01-685-8602, is designed for CBRN personnel and general users of the M26 Decon.
M333 is a decontaminant for chemical and biological (CB) agents on tactical vehicles, shipboard surfaces, and individual weapons in environments exposed to CB contamination. When applied directly to the contaminated surface, it’s capable of reducing and neutralizing CB contamination within 30 minutes of application.
M333 JGPD-HME pre-measured packaging
M333 JGPD-HME pre-measured packaging

The decontaminant consists of three (3) pre-measured pouches: Pouch 1 contains the oxidizer, Pouch 2 contains the activator, and Pouch B contains biological activator. When the contents of the three pouches are mixed, they activate the decontaminant and neutralize chemical and biological agents. 
For more info on the new JGPD-HME mixing instructions for the M26, visit the JACKS training menu HERE or go to the Central Army Register (CAR) HERE.
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