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NEWS | Dec. 9, 2019

M26 Decon: Rinsing Soap Away Prevents Excessive Soap Buildup

Dear Editor,
We’ve noticed that some of the M26 decontamination apparatus’s water pump valves and pressure switch line filters have an excessive amount of soap build-up. When that happens, the water pump may not work properly.                        
To properly care for the M26 decon after use, operators should run clean soap-free water through the system for five minutes, with the pump running and the heater off. The clean water removes the remaining soap solution from the pump, heater and the pressure switch line filter.
Then the operator needs to clean the pressure switch line filter as stated in WP 0022 of TM 3-4230-238-10 (Jul 09). This will remove any remaining residue.
Also, Soldiers should pay attention when installing the pressure switch filter. Inserting the filter into the threaded bolt opening protects the line filter from being crushed while reinstalling it into the pressure switch housing.

CCDC CBC Detection Decontamination Engineering Branch
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 
Editor’s note: Thanks for a great tip.
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