NEWS | Feb. 20, 2020

M12A1 Decon: It Does More than Just Decon

The M12A1 diesel engine driven (DED) decon, NSN 4230-01-502-7224, is the workhorse in the CBRN arsenal. It’s been doing decon work for decades while other decon equipment came and went. 
But most units don’t realize the M12A1 has other abilities. It can: 
  • de-ice equipment.
  • fight fires with foam or water.
  • transport and pump water.
  • provide hot showers (very important if you’ve been in the field for a month).
But of course, none of that’s going to happen if your M12A1 sits for months with no attention. Hoses dry rot, corrosion freezes valves and batteries go dead. 
All units need to do to keep their M12A1s spraying away is faithfully follow the quarterly PMCS in TM 3-4230-237-10 (Jul 12) and TM 3-4230-237-23&P (Jul 12).  Both TMs are on the ETM site:
Every M12A1 crew will need a paper copy of the -10.  Your pubs clerk can order copies for free.
But there’s more!  The Joint Acquisition Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Knowledge System (JACKS) website has training on the new super tropical bleach (STB) mixing instructions and the new terrain decon spray bar.  Go to: