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Radio Systems: Smart Books Offer Detailed Info
By | Oct. 13, 2022
Four radio system smart books are available from PEO C3T. To find out more, read on…...

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SINCGARS ASIP RT-1523E/F: Charging Question and Answer
By | Sept. 20, 2022
A SINCGARS VAA can’t charge the SINCGARS ASIP RT-1523E/F main battery. To learn more, read on…...

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Radio Test Sets: Lithium Batteries Not Always Best
By | Aug. 19, 2022
This article initially appeared in PS 799, p. 51 (Jun 19). Check out Half-Mast’s words of wisdom about using lithium batteries in the AN/PRM-36 radio test set. Read more here…...

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Antennas: Covering Up the AS-3900/A/VRC SINCGARS
By | Aug. 10, 2022
A reader is looking for the protective dust cover on top of the AS-3900A/VRC SINCGARS antenna. MSG Half-Mast helps him out…...

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Radios: Proper Care Keeps Communications Flowing
By | July 26, 2022
Proper radio care requires thinking ahead. Read on to learn some cautions for keeping communications going...

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Radio Systems: Wrong HUB Wreaks Havoc
By | July 21, 2022
Soldiers, due to battery construction differences, finding the correct HUB for the AN/PRC-117G is not as straightforward as it seems. Read about one unit's experience and ways to meet the challenge...

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Communications: Two New Radio TMs Released
By | April 21, 2022
CECOM has published two new operator and field maintenance TMs, including repair parts and special tools list (RPSTL), for the following radios...Read on to see the list...

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Training: LandWarNet Offers Many Options
By | Aug. 10, 2021
Have you heard of LandWarNet (LWN) eUniversity? It’s the Army’s one-stop training resource for all things cyber, signal, mission command and information technology...

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Aviation: Replace Rather than Repair CSEL Radios
By | July 8, 2021
Would you like to get your unit’s CSEL radios repaired? Here’s the scoop on that. The Army CSEL program doesn’t have a radio repair contract or program anymore. Instead, units must now turn in and exchange their CSEL...

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Test Sets: All About AN/GRM-122 Components
By | April 7, 2021
This article initially appeared in PS 797, pp. 48-50 (Apr 19). Looking for the TM for the radio test set AN/GRM-122, NSN 6625-01-432-8369? Unfortunately, there’s no single published TM for the test set, but there is a...

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SINCGARS: Better Communication Through Preventive Maintenance
By | Nov. 13, 2020
This article initially appeared in PS 762 (May 16), pp. 52-53. Dear Editor, We take care of the RT-1523E and -1523F SINCGARS at Ft. Stewart. We can testify loud and clear that these tips will boost radio communication...

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SINCGARS: Keep it Cool
By | June 4, 2020
Dear Half-Mast, the unit I’m with keeps our SINCGARS stored in our vehicles (HMMWVs, Bradleys, M1 tanks, etc). The temperatures here routinely hit triple digits and can easily go a hundred degrees or higher inside the...

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SINCGARS: Missing Installation Kits
By | May 22, 2020
Dear Editor, I serve as the SINCGARS team lead at CECOM. We manage the SINCGARS installation kits (IKs). From discussions with subject matter experts in our division, we discovered that the available information to the field...

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SINCGARS RT-1523G: How to Fix HUB Expiration Date
By | March 30, 2020
This article originally appeared in PS 774, P. 47. The RT-1523G has a hold up battery (HUB) circuit card assembly (CCA) that needs to be replaced, unlike an E or F model SINCGARS that has a built-in HUB. One issue is that the...

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AN/PRM 34: Baffling Battery Hunt
By | Feb. 28, 2020
Dear Half-Mast, I’m looking for an alternate non-rechargeable battery or a non-terminal battery NSN for the radio test set, AN/PRM-34, NSN 6625-01-094-5646. The TM says I need one (1) lithium battery, BA-5847/U. FEDLOG tells...

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SINCGARS: To Reprogram or Not?
By | Jan. 14, 2020
Photo by Staff Sgt. Matthew Ramelb Dear Half-Mast,I work at a signal shop. We test, troubleshoot and repair communications equipment, including the 1523 model SINCGARS radios. Is it important to reprogram the radios to the...

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SINCGARS: Simply Stumped
By | Dec. 12, 2019
Dear Connie, after searching the PS Magazine archives and reading through SB 11-131-2, Vehicular Radio Sets and Authorized Installations Volume II (SINCGARS, FHMUX, AND EPLRS) (Sep 05), I’m stumped. I’m looking for the...

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AN/PRM-36 Test Set: Substitute Batteries
By | Dec. 9, 2019
We’ll make this brief. If you can’t find or can’t get NSN 6140-01-537-5244 batteries for the AN/PRM-36 test set, order substitute batteries with NSN 6140-01-595-2506 or NSN 6140-01-413-3926...