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NEWS | May 15, 2023

SINCGARS: Circuit Card Assembly PN Marking Problem

BLUF: An error in the design of the SINCGARS CCA PN means that some units may have trouble trying to turn in the part for credit.

SINCGARS circuit card assembly
Courtesy photo
Dear Half-Mast,

We ordered a circuit card assembly (CCA), NSN 5998-01-539-5371. We were trying to turn in the old card to the supply support activity (SSA) because it’s recoverable. The issue we’re having is the PN on the circuit card reads A3307047-1. In the TM, it reads as PN A3307046-1. Is there a reason the two PNs don’t match? This is costing our unit $413.00 in expected return credit each time the SSA won’t accept the part.
                                                                                                                                    WO 1 T.T.

Dear Sir,

NSN 5998-01-539-5371, PN A3307046-1 is CCA – Flexible Rear Panel – RT.  The CCA is installed in the RT-1523F and RT-1523G line replaceable units (LRUs) that are components of end item (COEI) for the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) Family of Systems (see Table 1 below for affected systems).  
Table 1: LINs and NSNs of impacted SINCGARS
R83141 Radio set, manpack, AN/PRC-119F 01-451-8252
R67296 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-87F 01-451-8248
R67330 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-88F 01-452-8435
R44999 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-89F 01-451-8247
R68044 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-90F 01-451-8246
R68146 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-91F 01-451-8249
R45543 Radio set, vehicular AN/VRC-92F 01-451-8250

Due to a design deficiency, the CCA marked with PN A3307047-1 is actually PN A3307046-1 for NSN 5998-01-539-5371; it was incorrectly marked during manufacture.

In response, on April 13, 2023, CECOM issued a Maintenance Informational Message (MIM), CECOM-MI-23-01009, for this marking issue to the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) in the AESIP Portal HERE.

A copy may also be found in the PS Magazine milSuite repository HERE. 

This MIM acknowledges that CECOM recognizes the marking issue and that the CCA marked PN A3307047-1 is the PN A3307046-1 for NSN 5998-01-539-5371. This should ensure a smooth CCA turn-in process and proper credit.
The MIM has further details and POCs. Units should include a copy of the MIM as part of the turn-in process for this CCA to the SSA.
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