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NEWS | Jan. 31, 2024

SINCGARS: Waveform Processor NSN Stays Unchanged

BLUF: If you need a SINCGARS RT-1523G waveform processor, NSN 5998-01-592-0053, and/or front panel flex assembly, NSN 5995-01-593-3923, they're only available through turn-in.

Soldier with SINCGARS
Photo by Sgt. Claudia Nix
Dear Half-Mast,

I learned of the NSN changes to the RT-1523G's hold up battery (HUB) circuit card assembly (CCA) and the controller CCA thanks to your article HERE.

Similarly, I’m looking for the RT-1523G’s waveform processor, NSN 5998-01-592-0053, which has an AAC of Y (terminal). I’ve called the manufacturers listed in FEDLOG with no luck. I’m hoping there's a new NSN you can share.

Dear Sergeant,

The short answer is, there’s no replacement NSN for the RT-1523G’s waveform processor, NSN 5998-01-592-0053. Note that the CCA – waveform processor is one of five unique CCAs for RT-1523G. The other four unique CCAs for RT-1523G are:
  • NSN 5998-01-591-9104, CCA – RT backplane
  • NSN 5998-01-663-9683, CCA – HUB
  • NSN 5998-01-663-9777, CCA – controller 
  • NSN 5995-01-593-3923, front panel flex assembly. 
Now here’s the long answer...

All five CCAs are no longer procurable. Also, the waveform processor, NSN 5998-01-592-0053, and the front panel flex assembly, NSN 5995-01-593-3923, have an AAC of Y (terminal item) because the stocks have been exhausted. The AAC for other three CCA NSNs will change to Y as soon as the stock is exhausted.

If a unit needs the waveform processor or front panel flex assembly to maintain the unserviceable RT-1523G, they can turn in the unserviceable RT-1523G to the supply support activity (SSA) and order a serviceable RT-1523G. 

Be aware that RT-1523E, NSN 5820-01-444-1219; RT-1523F, NSN 5820-01-535-3667; and RT-1523G, NSN 5820-01-581-7010, are two-way interchangeable. They’re used in the SINCGARS “F” configurations which include AN/PRC-119F, AN/VRC-87F, AN/VRC-88F, AN/VRC-89F, AN/VRC-90F, AN/VRC-91F and AN/VRC-92F.

In other words, you can use either the RT-1523E, RT-1523F or RT-1523G in the above-mentioned SINCGARS “F” configurations. When you place your order in the supply system, you’ll get whichever version is currently in stock.

Also, units will get unserviceable credit for turning in the asset and placing another requisition. So be sure to turn in what's unserviceable for repair so the next unit is helped out.
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