NEWS | Jan. 14, 2020

SINCGARS: To Reprogram or Not?

SINCGARS training
Dear Half-Mast,

I work at a signal shop. We test, troubleshoot and repair communications equipment, including the 1523 model SINCGARS radios. Is it important to reprogram the radios to the latest version on the GRM? We use the PL-1536/GRM and the 9.0 program is available to reprogram the radios. Currently, most of our radios have the 7.0 program on them.

My other question is, should we look into ordering a newer tester?  I’m wondering what the Army will use next, since the GRM we have is old and no longer being repaired.

Dear Sergeant,

Reprogramming the RT-1523E and RT-1523F with the 9.0 program isn’t necessary, and doesn’t add any enhancement to radio operation or maintenance.

The GRM-122 (TS-4317, J-4843A and PL-1536 combination) is presently the only tester available for field-level troubleshooting of SINCGARS radios. The radio test set TS-4549/T should be fielded in FY 2023 as a replacement for the GRM-122, but that’s still some time away.