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NEWS | July 26, 2022

Radios: Proper Care Keeps Communications Flowing

Soldier on radio
Photo by Spc. Hedil Hernandez
Soldiers, here’s an important reminder: rough treatment can quickly silence radios.

If you jam connectors on, twist knobs hard, throw your gear around, don’t watch where you’re stepping and pile equipment on radios, then you’ll soon have a radio that can’t communicate.

Check out these words of wisdom. Be sure to:
  • Carefully mate connectors. Don’t twist push-on connectors or misalign twist connectors.
  • Don’t twist knobs farther than they want to go.
  • Watch where you put your feet.
  • Don’t throw stuff around radios that can knock off knobs or connectors.
  • Never pile equipment on top of radios. When radios can’t get fresh air, they overheat. 
  • Use caution when climbing in vehicles with installed radios. It’s a good idea to take off as much gear as possible, depending on the tactical situation, before getting in the vehicle. Especially in HMWWVs, there’s not much room inside to maneuver. The more gear you’re wearing, the more likely you are to damage something on the radio.
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