NEWS | Feb. 28, 2020

AN/PRM 34: Baffling Battery Hunt

Dear Half-Mast,

I’m looking for an alternate non-rechargeable battery or a non-terminal battery NSN for the radio test set, AN/PRM-34, NSN 6625-01-094-5646.
The TM says I need one (1) lithium battery, BA-5847/U. FEDLOG tells me that NSN 6135-01-090-5364 brings BA-5847/U, but it’s a terminal item. It gives me NSN 6135-01-430-3119 as a substitute, but it’s also a terminal item.  

Every path seems to lead to a dead end. What battery can I use to replace BA-5847/U? Or do I need to replace the AN/PRM-34?
AN/PRM-34 radio test set
AN/PRM-34 radio test set (Courtesy Photo)

Dear Sergeant,

I can stop the merry-go-round. The authorized replacement for BA-5847/U is the BA-5347/U, NSN 6135-01-455-7946.

Also, you don’t need to replace your AN/PRM-34 if it’s working again after the battery’s replaced. A $60 battery costs far less than $6,500 for a new radio test set.