NEWS | May 22, 2020

SINCGARS: Missing Installation Kits

Photo by Spc. Brian Johnson
Dear Editor,

I serve as the SINCGARS team lead at CECOM. We manage the SINCGARS installation kits (IKs). From discussions with subject matter experts in our division, we discovered that the available information to the field regarding SINCGARS is inadequate. 

SB 11-131-2 (Oct 11) covers a large majority of SINCGARS IKs for different vehicles and radios. However, there are very important information gaps and instructions that are missing.

As a result, it seems that units are ordering kits they don’t require because they need components in the available kits. Sometimes, this leads to a false demand base being captured, which could lead to a shortage of items the field actually needs. Also, the field could end up spending more money than necessary by procuring the wrong kit.

To help correct these issues, the SINCGARS team put together the following info, which lists kits that weren’t included or didn’t have NSN information listed in the SB. In addition, the team added the installation reference TBs that all of these IKs are covered in.
SINCGARS Installation Kits
Nomenclature NIIN Comments Reference
Used for all Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS, A1P2) Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTVs) when installing AN/VRC‐87/88/90 series
TB 11‐5820‐1322‐23
(Jun 09)
 MK‐3174 01‐616‐6168 Used for LTAS, A1P2 FMTVs when installing AN/VRC‐89/91/92 series  TB 11‐5820‐1322‐23
(Jun 09)
MK‐3149 01‐590‐7960 Used for all HEMTT A4 Armor Ready variants when installing AN/VRC‐89/91/92 series (*) TB 11‐5820‐1315‐23 (**)
MK‐3150 01‐590‐7962 Used for all HEMTT A4 Armor Ready variants when installing AN/VRC‐87/88/90 series (*) TB 11‐5820‐1315‐23 (**)
MK‐3182 01‐655‐6025 Used for M915A5 (LIN: T88858) when installing AN/VRC‐87/88/90 series TB 11‐5820‐1323‐23 (**)
MK‐3172 No NSN Used for the M1070A1 (kit NSN not assigned) when installing AN/VRC‐87/88/90 series (*) TB 11‐5820‐1207‐23 (**)
MK‐3173 No NSN Used for the M1070A1 (kit NSN not assigned) when installing AN/VRC‐89/91 series (*) TB 11‐5820‐1207‐23 (**)
*SINCGARS system installations on these vehicles require that TACOM platform-specific C5ISR interface kits are installed and complete. See specific vehicle TM(s) for additional C5ISR interface kit component listings. Platform-specific C5ISR interface kits are generally installed in production and include necessary C5ISR LRU mounting provisions and power interconnects.

**Indicates a draft TB.

Can you help me get the word out?  If the field has questions, they can contact me at the following email:
Michael Dooney

Editor’s note: We’re all about spreading the good word, Michael. Thanks for sharing this important info with our readers.