NEWS | Dec. 12, 2019

SINCGARS: Simply Stumped

Dear Connie,

After searching the PS Magazine archives and reading through SB 11-131-2, Vehicular Radio Sets and Authorized Installations Volume II (SINCGARS, FHMUX, AND EPLRS) (Sep 05), I’m stumped.

I’m looking for the AN/VRC-90F SINCGARS installation kit (IK) for the M983A4, but I was only able to find the NSN for the IK for the M984 and M985 HEMTT.

These are very similar vehicles, so I’m guessing the IK might be the same. Is there a way to confirm that the MK-2204/VRC IK, NSN 5895-01-225-8658, will work for the M983A4 Light Equipment Transporter, as well as other HEMTTs?         
1LT M.E.

Dear Lieutenant,

Glad to help. According to a newer version of SB 11-131-2 (Oct 11), there are three different SINCGARS IKs for the M983A4:
  •  For a digitized M983A4, the single SINCGARS IK is MK-3150/VRC, NSN 5895-01-590-7962.
  •  For a digitized M983A4, the dual SINCGARS IK is MK-3149/VRC, NSN 5895-01-590-7960.
  •  For a non-digitized M983A4, the dual SINCGARS IK is MK-3151/VRC, NSN 5895-01-590-7964.
You’ll find this info and much more in the latest version of SB 11-131-2. Get the pub from our milSuite collection:
Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS)