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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 21, 2022

Tactical Vehicles: 2021 Year-in-Review

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Maintenance leaders,

NSNs were the most frequent topics covered in 2021 for tactical vehicles and trailers. Corrosion prevention and the roll-out of Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan (NCOMP) were also hot topics this past year, as were articles that dealt with safety and accident prevention.
If you missed some of the articles, no worries! Here’s a rundown of the various articles in each of these topic areas. Just select/click on the title to read it:

Corrosion Articles

Corrosion: Protect Hoses from Getting Hosed by the Sun

Corrosion: Use Cavity Wax to Stop It Dead in its Tracks

Corrosion: Cleaning Is Key to Prevention

Corrosion: TACOM Corrosion Website Has Helpful Info

Corrosion: New TM 43-0139 Is Hot off the Press

Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan (NCOMP) Articles

M1082, M1095 Trailers: NCOMP Is the New Plan


HMMWV: Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan

NSN Articles

Up-Armored HMMWV: NSN for Flap Assembly

M915A5 Tractor Truck: New NSNs for Channel Lifts

JLTV: Front-Rear Differential NSN Updates

M967/M969 Fuel Tankers: Correct NSN for Rear Axle Assembly

M915A5 Tractor Truck: Get Right NSN for Fuel Line

M915A5 Tractor Truck: Right NSN for Taillight

M200A1 Trailer: NSN for Axle Assembly with ABS

M967A2, M969A3 Fuel Tankers: Where’s the Gasket NSN?

Fuel Tankers: Correct NSN for Engine Junction Box Switch

M149A2 Trailer: Brake Hose Assembly NSN

M997A3 HMMWV: Fan Speed Knob NSN

M1062 Fuel Tanker: Correct Globe Valve NSN

HMMWV: NSN for ABS Brake Fluid

M969A3 Fuel Tanker: Order Correct Differential Gage with CAGE and PN

M1112 Water Trailer: Tire and Wheel Assembly NSN Updates

Maintenance Mgmt: NSNs for Motor Pool Safety Items

Safety-Related Articles

M149 Water Trailer: Don’t Learn Safety by Accident!

HMMWV: Driver Training and Safety

Maintenance Mgmt: Ground Guiding Is Serious Business

HMMWV: AFES System TM Updates

M1101, M1102 Trailer: Better Test the Handbrakes

JLTV: Avoid High-Pressure Water Damage
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