NEWS | July 22, 2021

M1101, M1102 Trailer: Better Test the Handbrakes

If you have an M1101 or M1102 trailer, don’t forget to test the two (2) handbrake levers (curbside/roadside). The handbrakes engage the brake pads. Forgetting means you run the risk of the trailer rolling and that’s not good!

Test the handbrakes while the trailer is not hooked up to a vehicle and before operating the trailer by pushing the handbrake levers to the down position. If either handbrake cannot be applied, which means the lever won’t stick in the down position and engage the brake pads, you’ll need to adjust that handbrake. Be sure to follow all of the safety guidelines in TM 9-2330-392-13&P (Dec 12).

Here are the handbrake (lever) adjustment steps:
  1. Chock the trailer’s wheels.
  2. Release the handbrake lever. The handbrake lever is considered released when it’s in the raised position.
  3. Turn the adjusting knob clockwise by hand, as tightly as possible.
  4. Apply the handbrake lever. The handbrake lever is considered applied when it’s in the down position. If you can apply the handbrake lever, then your trailer is good to go.
If the handbrake lever can’t be applied, you’ll need to turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise, one full turn at a time. After each full turn, attempt to apply the lever again. Continue until the handbrake lever can be applied.

If for any reason the adjustment doesn’t work, there’s a problem and your trailer isn’t mission-ready. Have maintenance fix your trailer before you use it again.