NEWS | March 22, 2021

HMMWV: Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan

Soldiers, are you maintaining HMMWVs that aren’t being used as much as before?  The Non-Combat Operations Maintenance Plan (NCOMP) will better align maintenance requirements to actual usage of HMMWVs rather than time-based service intervals during non-combat operations. The intent is to eventually replace the Low Usage Program (LUP) described in AR 750-1 (Oct 19).

According to DA Pam 750-8 (Aug 05) and Para 4-2h of AR 750-1, equipment without an approved NCOMP may be placed in the LUP at your commander’s discretion. Of course, the vehicles have to first meet the low-usage criteria.

With or without NCOMP, commanders are still responsible for properly maintaining assigned equipment. That means units must continue performing maintenance duties, such as PMCS and routine inspections by leaders, Soldiers and maintenance personnel. Also, any overdue services have to be completed before transitioning to NCOMP.

Unit maintainers and operators, use the NCOMP Work Package (WP) for the HMMWV models listed in TACOM LCMC maintenance action message (MAM) 20-041. The MAM tells you details about NCOMP criteria. For more info, check out the MAM at the following link (you'll need your CAC/PIV to login):