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NEWS | Oct. 20, 2021

HMMWV: Driver Training and Safety

Soldiers maneuver a HMMWV into position
Photo by Sgt. James Geelen
Listen up, drivers! The added weight of your up-armored HMMWV protects you during combat. But it also makes your vehicle handle a lot differently than a non-armored HMMWV. 

That means you have to take into account weather, terrain and vehicle weight, among other factors, when planning missions and while driving. So here are some pointers to keep in mind:
  • Perform rollover drills with a gunner and crew before all missions.
  • Properly stow and secure all equipment in the vehicle during missions.
  • Maintain appropriate speeds for the road conditions.
  • Make sure everyone is wearing seat belts and the gunner is using the gunner restraint system (GRS).
  • Use a ground guide when tactical conditions permit.
  • Combat locks provide structural support in rollover events, which can occur in both combat and non-combat situations. Keep combat locks engaged during standard operations unless operating around hazardous water.
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