NEWS | July 8, 2021

M967A2, M969A3 Fuel Tankers: Where’s the Gasket NSN?

Photo courtesy of TACOM

Are you looking for the NSN for the gasket that goes between the piping and the top of the 350 gallons per minute (GPM) pump for your M967A2 or M969A3 fuel tanker?     

Bet you can’t find it! That’s because it’s not in TM 9-2330-329-23P (Dec 15) for the M967A2 or in TM 9-2330-330-23P (Dec 15) for the M969A3.
But don’t worry. DA 2028s have been submitted to fix the issue. In the meantime, get a single gasket using NSN 5330-01-083-6517, and make a note until the TMs are updated.
By the way, the gasket costs $2.94. It’s the same gasket used for the piping that bolts to the side of the 350-GPM pump.
Gasket location and NSN
Gasket location and NSN

The updated gasket NSN applies to the fuel tankers listed here:
Fuel tankers NSN 2330-
M967A2 01-495-0040
M967A2P1 01-538-8517
M969A3 01-495-0043
M969A3P1 01-538-8513