NEWS | July 12, 2021

JLTV: Avoid High-Pressure Water Damage

Photo Courtesy of TACOM

JLTVs have state-of-the-art equipment and electrical components that require special care whenever you clean the trucks. So be careful when washing the truck, especially the engine compartment. High-pressure water can damage sensitive electrical equipment, as well as engine compartment components such as the engine wiring systems, the cooling package and the multiplexed vehicle electrical center (mVEC). 
Take the following measures when washing your unit’s JLTVs:
  • Ensure external electrical equipment is protected with plastic. Don’t directly spray electrical equipment.
  • Keep doors and hatches closed when cleaning the outside of the vehicle. High-pressure water may damage equipment inside the vehicle cabin.
  • Don’t use high-pressure water to clean areas under the hood. Use a low-pressure washing method (defined as a water flow that is comfortable to touch) to clean the engine compartment.
  • Keep the hood closed when cleaning the vehicle’s exterior with high-pressure water.
  • Don’t spray water on any part of air intake system, including the engine air cleaner. Water may damage the air intake system.
  • Removal of mud, sand, oil and debris from the vehicle is critical to prevent binding of rotating parts and maintaining normal vehicle operation.
  • Don’t use detergent, solvent or abrasives to clean the vehicle. Instead wash it with clean cool or warm water. Otherwise, you can damage glass, plastic or aluminum components.
  • Don’t spray high-pressure water through the cooling package opening in front of vehicle.
Failure to comply with any of these precautions may result in damaged equipment.

Make sure you follow the JLTV cleaning instructions in WP M00003 of TM 9-2320-452-23&P (Feb 19).