NEWS | Feb. 3, 2021

M969A3 Fuel Tanker: Order Correct Differential Gage with CAGE and PN

M969A3 Fuel Tanker
Photo by Spc. Thomas Crough
Maintainers, your M969A3 fuel tanker’s TM 9-2330-330-13 (Dec 15) shows NSN 6685-00-022-7988 for the differential gage. The gage has two (2) ports, one coming out of each side of the assembly. This configuration is correct for models prior to the M969A3.

In contrast, the M969A3 differential gage should have the two (2) ports on the back of the assembly, as shown below.
M969A3 ports on back of gage
M969A3 ports on back of gage
If you order the gage using the current NSN in the TM, it won’t fit in the M969A3’s engine control panel.

A new NSN for the correct differential gage is in the works. Use DD Form 1348-6 to place a requisition by CAGE and part number until the new NSN is available.

The correct gage comes with CAGE 30839 and PN 1201-E1136.  Make a note until the TM is updated.