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NEWS | Oct. 20, 2021

Maintenance Mgmt: NSNs for Motor Pool Safety Items

soldiers working in pit with yellow safety markings
Photo by Gertrud Zach
Keep these NSNs handy for safety items used in the motor pool.
Yellow Safety Paint
Get a 5-gal container of yellow safety paint with NSN 8010-01-019-1776. This water-based latex is used to paint guide marks and warning lines inside your motor pool. It’s non-flammable and presents fewer health and safety hazards than the old oil-based paint. Before disposal, check with your environmental safety office for state or local regulations on latex paint waste.
Hand Sanitizer
Get a package of 24 3-oz bottles of hand sanitizer with NSN 65018-01-535-5409.The foliage-green bottles are made to withstand heat and can be opened with just one hand. This sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of most common germs.
Absorbent Compound
Get a 44-lb bag of absorbent compound for soaking up oil and fuel spills with NSN 7930-00-269-1272. Just sprinkle the compound on the spill and sweep it up once the spill is absorbed.  Dispose of the compound in a proper HAZMAT container. Table B-1 of CTA-970 is your authority for ordering the compound.
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