NEWS | July 19, 2021

M200A1 trailer: NSN for Axle Assembly with ABS

(courtesy photo)

If your unit has M200A1 trailers, you might have already noticed that TM 9-2330-205-13&P (Sep 14) doesn’t show an NSN for the axle assembly with anti-lock brake system (ABS).

If you need the complete axle assembly with ABS, use NSN 2520-01-670-9983. Jot this info down until the TM is updated with the NSN.

The TM excerpt from WP 0091 of TM 9-2330-205-13&P (Sep 14) below shows the axle assembly with ABS. It’s Item 2, circled in red.
Fig. 4 Axle Assembly
Fig. 4 Axle Assembly