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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 25, 2022

Small Arms: 2021 Year-in-Review

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In 2021’s article, Ammunition: Report Malfunctions!, Soldiers learned about ammo malfunctions and what Army regulations they need to become familiar with. The experts at DA explain the ammunition authorization process. It’s important to properly manage ammunition as Ammunition: Don’t Waste it! explains, and not indiscriminately fire rounds. And finally, Soldiers learned how both hot and cold weather affects ammo.

M16-series rifle and M4/M4A1 carbine operators were reminded how to properly perform C-SPORTS. The article Dry Up Dry Firing explained proper clearing procedures and told you who can dry fire the rifle. Check out the advice for Ft Leonard Wood and learn how to maintain your M16/M4 weapon. Also, make sure to check for loose barrels and mounting rails. Finally, the firing pin is not for cleaning. A bad firing pin means the rifle won’t fire reliably.

Some Soldiers were having problems with the M17 pistol.  M17 Pistol: Takedown Lever Getting Stuck During Disassembly not only explained the procedures but included a short video on how to fix the problem. Some M17/M18 pistols come in for maintenance with the loaded chamber indicator (LCI) not completely flush and the rear sight loose. To avoid these problems, read these new rear sight installation instructions, and then keep them handy until the -10 TM is updated. Use only a small amount of CLP when lubricating your pistol and avoid other problems by reading this article.

The M249 machine gun article, Dimple Usually Not a Problem, explained that barrels with a dimple are considered good to go as long as there are no extraction problems. Check the piston pin if you have an M249 that functions manually but will not fire. After cleaning your M249, check the gas port hole and make sure there are no obstructions. If your M249 collapsible buttstock is coming loose, learn how to tighten it.

Make sure to readjust the M2A1 machine gun timing during scheduled maintenance. Get the whole story HERE.

Make sure to lace the MK19 machine gun bolt correctly to reduce as much movement as possible. Make sure to follow TACOM’s recommended lacing guidance. When the MK19 machine gun is disassembled, after removing the sear plate assembly, make sure to always lock the sear in place.

Watch your fingers when firing the M320 grenade launcher. It has a very short barrel and your fingers can be injured when the round explodes out of the barrel.

If you need M3E1 recoilless rifle training information, get it HERE.

The M500 shotgun isn’t deadlined if the receiver is missing screws. There are options to fill the holes.

The M9 pistol TM updates have been paused due to the M17/M18 pistol fielding. Get what you need to know HERE. The M9 Pistol: No Cracks Please! article tells you how to catch cracks early.

If you have an M240 and need an ammo can for the UH-60M, get the NSN HERE.

The article, Small Arms: How to Treat Your Weapon When It’s Hot, has some tips on taking care of your weapon in the three (3) types of hot weather.

Finally, always store only clean weapons in the arms room. Doing so will prevent corrosion and protect the weapons stored there.
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