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NEWS | Dec. 14, 2021

M17/M18 Pistol: Avoid These Problems

 M17 pistol
Photo by Justin Connaher

Dear Editor,
Here at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, we have seen a few issues with the M17/M18 pistol:
  • The rear sights are coming loose or completely falling off.
  • There is an excessive amount of CLP on the slide assembly and striker area.
  • Soldiers have been seen using a spray bottle to apply CLP on the range.
Here’s what they need to do to prevent these issues from happening:
  1. Use a single drop of Loctite® on the rear sight screw. Make sure to properly torque the screw using the new procedure found in the PS Magazine article at this link:
These changes will be included when TM 9-1005-470-23&P (Jun 19) is updated.
  1. Follow proper lubrication procedures to prevent excessive CLP buildup.
  2. Take care to stop from getting any CLP in the striker assembly. It will cause the striker to fail and possibly need replacement.
  3. Here are a few more lubrication reminders. See WP 13 of TM 9-1005-470-10 (Mar 19) for full instructions.
    • Lightly lubricate the exterior surface of the barrel.
      CAUTION: Do not lubricate the striker or allow lubricant to flow into the striker. Failure to comply can result in damage to equipment.
    • Lightly lubricate the slide rails on both sides.
    • Lightly lubricate the bushing surface on the slide (where the barrel rides).
    • Lightly lubricate the recoil spring and spring guide.
    • Lubricate the four (4) receiver rails with one drop of lubricant per rail.
  4. Never use a spray bottle to apply lubricant. It results in too much CLP being applied and to the wrong areas, which will damage the pistol.
Brent Fiegenbaum
David Keeth
Robert Castanieto
Victor Jackson
Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Editor’s note: Thanks for the tips, Brent, David, Robert and Victor. When it comes to CLP, a little goes a long way!

Leaders, remember to tell your Soldiers to follow the TM for lubricating procedures.
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