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NEWS | Dec. 20, 2021

M500 Shotgun: Receiver Missing Screws?

M500 Shotgun
Photo by Cpl. Clarence L. Wimberly, USMC

Dear Editor,
I’m an AMC Soldier Chemical-Biological (SCB) LAR and have found that some M500 shotguns are missing screws from the top of the receiver. The M500 shotgun isn’t deadlined if these screws are missing.
M500 shotgun missing screws
M500 shotgun missing screws

You won’t find replacement screws in the TM, but there are options to fill the holes:
  • Order dummy screw, NSN 1005-01-658-2588
  • Fill the holes with epoxy        
If you have any questions, contact your local AMC SCB LAR.

Robert Tamboer
Ft Campbell, KY
Editor’s note: Thanks for the tip, Robert.
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