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NEWS | March 18, 2021

M2A1 Machine Gun: Barrel Extension Excessive Wear and Timing Adjustment

Dear Editor,

There are reports that some M2A1 barrel extensions have excessive wear and damage. This damage is occurring because the M2A1 timing adjustment isn’t being performed during annual services or whenever a major subcomponent is replaced.

Some maintainers may only be ensuring the M2A1 doesn't fire with the NO-GO gauge during annual services, using the guidance in TM 9-1005-347-23&P (Jul 11). Maintainers need to understand that subcomponents experience normal wear and break-in during the initial timing adjustment period, which can result in slippage to the weapon’s timing.

Timing should always be readjusted during scheduled maintenance and whenever a major subcomponent is replaced. 

In the months to come, the M2 and M2A1 TMs will be combined into TM 9-1005-213-23&P. Until then, maintainers must make sure they readjust the M2A1 timing during annual services or whenever a major subcomponent is replaced.

Wayne Waroway
Editor’s note: Thanks for the update, Wayne. Maintainers, don’t forget the timing during annual services and major maintenance.
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