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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 12, 2021

M16s / M4s: Firing Pin Not for Cleaning!

This article initially appeared in PS 765 (Aug 16), p. 37.
Dear Editor,
Our Logistics Readiness Center told us they are finding a high number of M16s and M4s with unserviceable firing pins. The pins’ tips are blunted and there’s a ring cut in their shafts. A bad firing pin means the weapon won’t fire reliably.
The reason the firing pins are bad is that too many Soldiers think it’s OK to use the firing pin to clean inside the bolt carrier. That’s wrong!

The firing pin is not a cleaning tool.
The correct way to clean inside the bolt carrier is with a worn bore brush and CLP. Armorers will save their units money and trouble if they emphasize this during training.
Terry Blount
Editor's Note: Thanks, Terry. We’ll spread the word that it’s a practice that needs to stop.
Don't use firing pin to clean weapon
The firing pin is not a cleaning tool!
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