NEWS | July 30, 2021

M17 Pistol: Takedown Lever Getting Stuck During Disassembly?

M17 pistol firing
Photo by Elena Baladelli
Dear Editor,
When we returned from the range one day, some Soldiers were having trouble disassembling their M17 pistol. They were following the disassembly procedures in TM 9-1005-470-10 (Mar 19), but the takedown lever was getting stuck about a third of the way into the rotation.
After inspecting the pistol, we found that the recoil spring guide assembly had moved downward. This caused the base of the rod to wedge into the cutout in the takedown lever.
You can fix the problem by pressing up on the bottom of the guide rod.
Also, here’s a short video of a demonstration of the fix your readers can watch:

VIDEO | 00:13 | M17 Pistol Stuck Takedown Lever

SPC Garrison D Johnson
Ft Drum, NY
Editor’s note: SPC Johnson, thanks for sharing this easy fix. The video is a big help!
Here are a few more tips on properly handling your pistol:
  1. Always treat the pistol as if it’s loaded.
  2. Always point the pistol in a safe direction.
  3. Ensure the weapon is cleared before attempting the fix for a stuck takedown lever during disassembly.