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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Jan. 26, 2023

Half-Mast Sends: Keep on Trucking

BLUF: The war in Ukraine offers some valuable maintenance and logistics lessons-learned, chiefly to focus on the BASICS!

The war in Ukraine is offering a lot of lessons. The question is: Are we learning them?

Take a moment and read this CNN article. (A PDF version is found HERE.)

If you’re a vehicle driver or mechanic, particularly of wheeled vehicles, here are some important takeaways from the article:
  • They may not be glitzy or high-tech, but trucks and trailers are the workhorses of the Army.
  • Vehicles need to be exercised routinely while in garrison.
  • Sometimes the obvious, such as tires, gets ignored.
It’s easy to think the problems plaguing the Russian army or any adversary are unique to them and attributable to their flawed system. But if we ignore maintenance and supply basics, we run the risk of reducing, even crippling, our combat power just when it’s needed most.

Here are a few articles from the PS archive that will assist you and your team with ensuring your vehicles and equipment are combat ready when they need to be:

Another way to reinforce the basics is to shine a light on those Soldiers and Warfighters who focus on the basics, take full ownership of their assigned vehicle(s) and equipment and complete all their preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) with pride. Or, similarly, recognize civilian maintainers who go above and beyond sustaining Army fleets.

PS Magazine has two recognition programs that seek to spotlight deserving individuals. To nominate a deserving Soldier, Warfighter from another service, or civilian sustainer, visit our Recognition Programs page HERE.
I Own This  I Sustain This
"I Own This" recognizes Soldiers/Warfighters; "I Sustain This recognizes civilian sustainers
Click on each image for more information

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