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NEWS | July 26, 2022

Tactical Vehicles: Five Steps to Install Batteries Right

Corrosion kills tactical vehicle batteries. The good news is that five (5) simple steps during battery installation can beat corrosion and extend battery life.
Whenever servicing, inspecting or installing batteries, you’ll need to follow the guidance in TM-9-6140-200-13 (May 11), TB 9-6140-252-13 (Jan 12) and the appropriate vehicle or equipment TM. Also, you can get corrosion info from TB 43-0213, Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) for Army Ground Equipment (Mar 19).
Although most dry batteries are charged by the manufacturer, you’ll want to test them because they normally require about 30 minutes of charging before usage. The bottom line is to make sure you’re installing a fully-charged battery.
Installing Batteries – Steps 1-5
Once you’ve ensured you’re installing a fully-charged battery, follow these five (5) steps:
  1. Make sure that the battery, battery box, posts and all connections are clean.
  2. Check that the battery is in the correct position and that the positive (+) and negative (-) connections of the battery are correct.
  3. Give the battery posts a light coat of silicone compound. Let the silicone run around the battery post and terminal to completely seal out moisture. A 3-oz tube comes with NSN 8040-01-331-7133, for about $40. Get 1 pint with NSN 8040-01-331-7134; it’ll cost about $224.
  4. Install a felt insulator washer over the battery posts. The washers are treated to help stop corrosion. Order a package of 100 with NSN 5970-01-101-4147, at about $37.
  5. Place rubber covers on the battery terminals to keep moisture off the terminals and slow the spread of corrosion. They also prevent accidental arcing from tools or other objects misplaced near the terminals. Get a single battery cover with NSN 2530-01-089-4992; it’s less than $3. Or save your unit money and get a package of 10 with NSN 5940-00-738-6272, for about $8.
Use rubber cover on battery terminal
‚ÄčUse rubber cover on battery terminal

Take care of your batteries by conducting proper PMCS on them and always keep them clean to help beat corrosion.
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